We are happy to board any cats who have special health needs.  The cattery is run by a qualified vet nurse who is experienced in caring for cats with particular health requirements.  And of course, one of the advantages of being attached to the vet clinic is that a vet is only a minute away should they be required. 



Special Care

Diabetic Cats

We can give your cat its insulin injection when required and ensure that it is fed at the appropriate time as well.  We know what to look out for in diabetic cats and will take special care to ensure they stay in top health during their time with us.  We can also monitor their blood glucose if you wish.
Post operative cats needing cage rest
It can be quite distressing for owners to have a post-operative cat at home which needs to be confined in a cage for its own safety and to ensure it recovers fully.  We have specially designed single-level units which ensure these cats can have a peaceful, restful time to heal while continuing to receive the special care that they require.  We guarantee they will receive a lot of hands-on time to ensure they are kept stimulated and happy.
Other post-operative cats
Sometimes owners find it a bit daunting caring for their cat immediately after surgery.  We are happy to look after cats during these first few post-surgical days to ensure any wounds are taken care of, bandages kept on and medications given.
Cats requiring regular medication
We are happy to give any medication to a cat under our care.  We will take special note of how your cat prefers to be given medication to make it as stress-free as possible.  This may incur a small extra charge.

Cats with special dietary requirements
Cats with special dietary requirements including food intolerances or allergies can be fully catered for.
Renal Failure Cats
We know how important it is to ensure these cats eat and drink enough and to monitor their intake and output.  Kerry has a renal failure cat of her own and is fully aware of the care they require, including giving medication and sub-cut fluids if required.
Geriatric or Arthritic Cats
We have single-level units for cats who are unable to climb or who may injure themselves if they try to do so.  These units have two rooms so your cat has a choice of areas to use.

While your pet is with us
While your pet is with us for their vacation we are more than happy to arrange dental scale and polishes, grooming, blood or urine testing, nail clipping and anything else your pet requires, in conjunction with At the Vets vet clinic.