The Terms and Conditions form part of your contract with Cats at the Vets.  Please read these carefully and if you have any questions about these, please phone us to discuss them.



Terms & Conditions
We are totally committed to the health, welfare, well-being and happiness of every cat who stays with us.  We undertake to treat every cat with love and respect.
All owners must produce a current Vaccination Certificate on or before the day they deliver their cat to the cattery.  This must clearly state that the cat is protected against feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus through having received a suitable vaccine in the previous twelve months.  This must have been given at least 10 days prior to admission.  The vaccination certificate must be valid for the entire duration of boarding.
Should we find that a cat requires treatment for fleas or worms, this will be given at the owner’s expense.  This is for the health and comfort of your own cat and all those staying in the cattery.
All male cats over the age of eight months must be neutered.
It is our policy to consult our veterinarians, at the owner’s expense, if there is a health concern with any cat.  We will act upon the vet’s advice to ensure your cat receives any treatment that may be required.  If you wish us to consult your own vet, any transport costs will be at the owner’s expense. 
The client agrees to provide all information relating to any special needs or problems that their cat may have, including any special dietary needs, allergies and medications that may pose a risk to their cat or others.
The client undertakes to advise the proprietors of any changes to the information recorded on the booking form prior to the commencement of any boarding period.
All charges are on a per day basis.  If required, a deposit must be made at the time of booking and balance paid at the time of collection of your cat.
Due to high demand, particularly during peak holiday times, we reserve the right to charge for the full period of booking, even if you drop off later or pick up earlier than the booked dates. 
During school holidays, statutory holidays and all of December and January, there is a minimum three day charge and long term rates do not apply.  At all other times there is a minimum two day charge.
We are closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.
We consider our facilities and management practices to be of the highest standard and therefore your cat will receive the very best professional care while staying at Cats at the Vets.  However we accept no responsibility for any unexpected illness, injury or death for any reason whatsoever.
The client agrees that in the event of arrears or after due notice in writing the proprietors shall have the right to dispose of the animal and this will not release the client from liability for any unpaid fees or charges.  The proprietors reserve the right to dispose of abandoned pets ten days after the due pick-up date.