All cats must have a current Vaccination Certificate which needs to be shown at the time of admission.  The last vaccination must have been received more than 10 days prior to the cat’s arrival.  This is for the protection of your cat and all the cats staying in the cattery.



We strongly recommend that you keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date at all times.  This not only gives your cat protection against the most common cat diseases, it also gives you peace of mind that should you need to leave town unexpectedly, your cat is always able to be boarded safely.
If a cat arrives without a vaccination certificate it cannot be admitted to the cattery under any circumstances.
Flea and Worming Treatments: Your cat should have been treated for fleas within the week prior to admission and for worms in the last month.  We are happy to treat your cats for you on admission for a small charge.
On admission all cats are checked for fleas, and if we find a cat needs treatment during their stay with us, this will be added to your account.
In emergencies, if your cat is not vaccinated, we have the use of the isolation facility in the vet clinic but this will incur an additional charge of $15 per day, and depends upon the unit being vacant at the time.