The cattery is purpose built, cosy and comfortable.  Each unit has been designed to utilise the height of the room to ensure that cats have safe places they can climb to, as cats in a strange environment will naturally want to be up high to feel as safe as possible.  Most of the high shelves have a view out of the window as well, so your cat can curl up in a comfortable bed and see the world outside. 

Each unit has plenty of cosy bedding for reclining and a place where your cat can hide away if that is what makes them feel more secure.  And of course all accessories necessary for feeding and toileting are included.



The Cattery
Each cat is housed individually unless from the same family.  We do not allow unrelated cats to mix in the cattery.
The cattery is fully air-conditioned to ensure the comfort of all our guests.  Specially designed positive air-flow systems ensure that air is circulated regularly to minimise any odours.
The cattery is designed for maximum security to ensure the safety of your cat while with us.  Fully monitored intruder, smoke and heat detectors are installed.
Pheromone dispensers are permanently working in the cattery.  These give off a pheromone which mimics the one cats leave behind when they rub their head along your leg or furniture – it’s their way of saying “mine”!   This helps cats settle in quickly to their new environment as the smell is a familiar one which makes them feel at ease.

We feed premium Royal Canin food in kitten, adult and senior formulations as our main cattery food.  This food is highly palatable and most cats enjoy eating it.  However if your cat does not, we will offer alternatives until we find something they are happy with!  If you would prefer your cat to eat a food that it has at home or s/he is on a special diet, you are welcome to bring that with you.  Treats such as bits of chicken or beef will also be offered during cuddle time in order to bond with your cat.  Again, if you would like to bring treats in with your cat you are welcome to do so.

We have a range of toys and climbing stations and will find some that your cat enjoys playing with.  Of course you are welcome to bring some from home or purchase some when you deliver your cat to us.
All cats are monitored daily to ensure they are eating, drinking and toileting normally.  If we notice anything unusual, it will be dealt with immediately to ensure the well-being and happiness of your cat.
All cats receive hands-on care every day and will get time out of their holiday home to play.   We look forward to the time each day when we can interact with each cat in our care and ensure they are happy and contented.  If your cat needs lots of cuddles to be happy, rest assured it will receive them!  We will of course keep any long-haired cats groomed with time set aside each day to brush them and ensure their coats are kept in tip-top condition.